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Programmation Avancée

Performance Programming


The LoBoTech team is specialized in the programming of industrial controllers (PLC) and human machine interfaces (HMI) of any makes with a preference for Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Software) products.  Components and software for witch we have acquired many years of experience as maintenance technicians and as part of engineering teams for project development.

With our deep knowledge of all programming languages, our team has the ability to lead any automation project to a successful achievement.  To do so, LoBoTech team is using advanced programming techniques witch generates the equipment to be effective, smooth and hazardless. Even

more, your operation team will easily foresee the upcoming steps.  All of this makes the equipment easy to operate and to troubleshoot in case of dysfunction.

Regarding the equipment Startup, the LoBoTech team, with its hands-on background and recognized skills will be an asset in any situation. 

We are ready to travel world wide to assist you in this critical part of any project.